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DPF & Ad-Blue Exhaust 

DPF Cleaning from £225+VAT

+ Remove and re-fitting cost if required  

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How Diesel Particulate Filters Work                                      

As with any filter, they ‘filter’ or trap particles, in this case harmful diesel exhaust soot particles, so they have to be emptied regularly to maintain performance. The DPF needs to be cleaned regularly, through a process called regeneration, either active, passive or forced regeneration, the accumulated soot is burnt off at high temperature (around 600°c) to leave only a residue of ash, effectively renewing or regenerating the filter, ready to take on more pollution from the engine.

Why does my Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) block

Every vehicle type & engine combination can have differing reasons as to why the filter blocks. The rate of particulates generated by the engine, the quality of the fuel, quality of the or oil, driving style, even the location of the DPF in the exhaust system can all contribute to the filter blocking or not regenerating fully.



The DPF filter can either be removed and delivered to us, or we can remove and re-fit once cleaned (additional costs will apply, Enquire by phone) We will carry out a chemical deep clean and a high pressure steam jet flush. Offering a 6 month warranty on the clean. Prices Start from £225 + vat for non-commercial DPF's, call us for more details.


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